My search for deeper meaning and profound answers to physical,  emotional and spiritual wellness got me started on my path.
I was first  introduced to mind-shifting elements while still living in Berlin, Germany with my theatre training and the movement studies involved. After moving to California in the early 90’s, I discovered the body-mind connection through my emerging exploration of Yoga, Bodywork, Eastern philosophy and practices. I realized that healing, inner peace and growth comes with paying attention to what your body is saying, listening to where your mind is going and explore how you are willing to transform your habitual thinking and energetic structure by shifting your awareness. There is no separating of body, mind and soul.
So I went on a sacred journey as an forever learner:

Nurturing Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork: 
Los Angeles in 1995 at IPSB
Santa Fe in 2001-2002 at the then Scherer Institute. 
Boulder in 2011 Zen Shiatsu at Boulder College of Massage Therapy
Reiki Energy Healing:
Usui Reiki 1/2 in 2006 at the Touch Therapy Institute
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner in 2015
Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher certificate in 2021 with Sarina Baptista in Loveland at the Psychic Center of Colorado

Esoteric Astrology & Psychology and Ancient Wisdom Teachings:
Boulder 2011-2013 with Joy Om from Mind Body Neurofeedback
Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hour - registered with Yoga Alliance 
Fort Collins in 2017 at Om Ananda Yoga Studio   
Meditation Teacher Training
Fort Collins in 2019 at Om Ananda Yoga Studio 




Lots of time has been spent reading, studying, retreating and engaging in Buddhist and Yogic Philosophy, Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Eastern and Western Health and Wellness Concepts and nurturing an open heart. I also worked many years in the health food industry giving me a broad knowledge in nutrition, supplements and herbs.
My constant quest for information and learning gives me a unique set of skills from which I draw intuitively and passionately. Workshops and research deeply enrich my practice. Recent studies took me into Trauma Recovery, the field of Anxiety and Depression in Adults, but also Teenagers, a deeply moving subject that has great possibilities for relief and management through Yoga and Energy Healing. 

Through collaboration with other therapists and teachers I love to create my own wellness community and look forward to many more journeys with fellow earth travelers.

My passion is helping people, teach and inspire, so they can find harmony, healing and balance. Sessions and teaching style flow between intuition and practicality, magic and compassionate listening, grace and inspiration. I offer sound understanding and enlightening information with a kind spirit.

My work: I have a full-time bodywork practice, teach weekly yoga classes and facilitate workshops. Through my mindfulness trainings, I work with individuals and groups on subtle energy levels, for awareness, purpose and soul exploration as an Intuitive Coach.

Over the years
, as I deepened my therapeutic skills, the energy, warmth and lightness that comes with my energy healing grew steadily and those energies shine through all my work. Incorporating chakra balancing, intuitive guidance, essential oils and the magic of cards add to my sacred healing space.

In the past
, I worked in retreat settings with what has become Infinite Alignment and now lead wellness retreats on my own  with Yoga, Meditation, wholesome food and sacred guidance, check out "Sacred Wisdom Retreats"

Intuitive & Knowledgeable
Compassionate & Generous
Nurturing &  Holistic

Recently, I  asked friends, colleagues and coworkers about some qualities to describe me and this is what they said:

Eclectic & Fun
 Vibrant & Creative
Seeking &  Down To Earth

“Claudia has made a very positive impact on my life and health. I have so much gratitude for her, her work and her healing powers.”




“Claudia's intuition along with her extensive knowledge regarding the human body enables her to offer thoughtful, holistic care. Her inspiring yoga classes - led with grace - leave me grounded and content.”




"Claudia is tapped into a well-spring of knowledge. Her intuition of spiritual being, connectedness to earth and astrological consciousness is inspiring in a world where such things are so needed"




“Working with Claudia has brought me deeper insight about my patterns, gifts, growth and body and how these are all connected.  The thing that strikes me most about working with her is how incredibly present she is in our sessions.  Whether she is giving a massage, going over my astrology chart or giving esoteric insights, she is fully present, fully passionate about this healing work.  She has a perspective on health and spirituality that never fails to further enlighten me about myself and the world around me.“





“Integrating intentional and thoughtful movement into my day to day life has been an important part of my overall health and well-being. As a musician, it has been incredibly helpful to have Claudia guide me in purposeful, mindful movements and I’m able to incorporate our work together into my practicing. The massage and movement work we do together has been great – a ‘whole’ experience!" 



“Claudia’s approach is very intuitive and holistic.  She is a kind listener and is able to piece together what you tell her with what your body is saying to bring about transformative healing and change.  I would highly recommend Claudia!“  




“Claudia has instincts for therapeutic results… she is an extremely nurturing human being, one whose vocation is to always treat people with respect. In sum, she is the rare intelligent woman who goes towards the human side, rather than solely shooting for the diagnosis and a quick fix.“




"I enjoy Claudia’s authentic gentle style of yoga. Her classes are a delight."




Eating a whole foods diet is what nature gave us. Nature did not give us processed and fast foods. That is a man-made diet that is slowing destroying the planet, mama earth and the individual’s health and well-being. 

I have loved to cook since I was a little girl, to this day preparing nutritious and wholesome foods. Organic whenever possible, I like foods to be balanced and easy to prepare. My cooking is creative drawing from cuisines from around the world.

That being said, I advocate to eat the best diet one can, with as much integrity, awareness and love. The loving energy we put into our food, is the energy we see in our bodies and what we portray into our environment. For example, if you eat a beautiful raw food or farm-fresh diet, but are filled with anger and resentment, that diet might not nourish you the way you think it should. All of you needs to be onboard!

About Nutrition & Whole Foods


So, if you eat fast food every day with a happy heart, will that nourish you? Well, the jury is still out here, but my guess is that since there is not enough energy in the food itself, that the person and the body will slowly turn to unhappiness! That is when people see subtle changes in how they feel down, irritated, low energy and easily stressed.

My point to all this is: diets change, life styles change, circumstances change. But what does not need to change is our integrity, our sincere attention, intention and willingness to live wholesomely.

I have worked in the holistic field for decades, worked in the health food industry for years, with nutrition, supplements, herbs and alternative therapies. My extensive knowledge is based on experience, not on degrees I received. 
I am not a nutritionist, dietician or a medical doctor and will not diagnose or prescribe. 

But if you would like to make changes in life style, eating habits or find a diets for balancing stress, mood, energy levels, gut issues or common ailments, I am happy to educate and support you with a road map to a healthier well-being, one step at a time with realistic goals and practical solutions that fit your personality.
I will help you stay accountable for the changes you would like to implement!