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What story is your bodymind telling you?
Wonder about your life's path and soul’s journey?
How can I connect with my true self and the power within?
How can I find strength in this multidimensional universe?
How can I find healing, purpose and a new way of thinking in my life?

Welcome to Sacred Wellness Arts! 
Our mission is to help individuals and groups to discover the power inside them to reclaim their path to healing, release and renew for all diverse human beings.  We seek to activate your potential, support new ways of thinking and start re-patterning within. 
Bodywork and Reiki Fusion,  Intuitive Guidance and Contemplation, Soul Astrology and Self Inquiry, Private sessions, Classes, Workshops, Trainings and Retreats offered.

Meet   The   WOMAN   Behind

sacred wellness arts

Listen to Sarina Baptista's interview with her.

Review by Shawna: "Amazing experience & energy:)"

I took my Reiki 1&2 combo 2-day training from Claudia. I can’t say enough good things about her and the class. Her energy is wonderful and calming and genuine. She is very kind and generous with her knowledge and what she provides you in her class, beyond just the instructional materials. She takes the proper amount of time for instruction, meditation, conversation, and hands-on practice....Claudia.... gives the option for you to use essential oils, a pendulum, and oracle cards to enhance your experience. She is very intuitive and I recommend getting a Reiki appointment with her at her own studio regardless if you take her class or not. She will stay in touch and is a helpful mentor afterward. 

Find your healing path to wellness through any or all of these sacred practices and start living the authentic and vibrant and creative and truthful life you would like to live