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Integrative and Intuitive Bodywork

Insightful classes, workshops and Trainings

What is your body telling you?
Where is your mind wandering?
How about that focus?
How can I bring more peace, healing & purpose into my life?
Wonder about your intuition and soul’s journey?
How can I connect with divine energy?

Visit Sacred Wellness Arts!  As the founder, my mission is to help individuals and groups to discover the power inside them to reclaim their wellness, release, restore, and grow through Intuitive Energy Balancing and Guidance, Bodywork and Movement, Astrology and Contemplation, with one-on-one sessions, classes, workshops, trainings and retreats.

Meet   The   WOMAN   Behind

sacred wellness arts

Listen to Sarina Baptista's interview with her.

Find your healing path to wellness through any or all of these sacred practices and start living the authentic and vibrant and creative and truthful life you would like to live